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Nuclei Product Description

Five frame nuclei of bees reared by ourselves in Wales on British Standard National self-spacing Hoffman frames (which can be used in WBC Hives). Nuclei on Smith frames are also available. 

We can supply bees for use in Warre hives by prior arrangement. A small extra fee is charged for making any adaptations required, particularly so that the bees will be safe in transit. 

These nucs are headed by a tested over-wintered 2020 season queen and are available from mid-May onwards, depending on weather conditions. Nuclei supplied later in spring/summer may be headed by the current season’s queen.  

Our Bees

The queens that head our nuclei are not imported and are reared in our local apiaries in Wales. They are well adapted for variable UK climatic conditions.

We have been rearing bees for sale since 1977. Our bees are generally quiet on the comb and easy to handle, making them suitable for beginner beekeepers. They are also effective nectar gatherers, therefore also meeting the needs of larger honey producers such as ourselves.  Our bees have been Nosema and Varroa treated and regularly FERA inspected. We are attempting to breed bees which survive with minimal treatment for Varroa, with some indications of success. The bees we supply as nuclei are reared as part of this ongoing programme.  


All of our bees are provided in a robust custom-made wooden nucleus carrying box, which is included in the price of the nucleus.

Nuclei can be collected from our bee farm in mid-Wales by prior individual arrangement. Please supply your contact details so that we can arrange this with you.

To avoid risk of damage to the bees, we do not usually use a postal service. 

If weather conditions are poor, there is provision for feeding the bees in the wooden nucleus carrying box and it also has an entrance so they are able to fly before installation in the hive.

We provide all customers with printed information giving guidance on how to transport and care for the bees in transit and how to make a safe transfer into their permanent hives.  

Prices (2021)

The price of a single (5 frame) nucleus of bees is £189.00 (collected price), which includes the cost of a ventilated wooden nucleus carrying box and frames of brood and stores. 

We have supplied nuclei to customers across England and Wales since 1977.

Some of our customers like to put together a group order to benefit from lower costs and shared transport arrangements. We would be pleased to offer the discount rate of £185.00 per nucleus for orders of ten or more nuclei.

We offer £10 back on travelling boxes returned in good condition.

For further information and to check availability, please email

A deposit of £30 per nucleus secures a firm order (pending availability, early orders are recommended).

We have been very pleased to receive follow-up feedback from our customers and to respond with advice and information.