Buy French Honey

Over the last few years we’ve tried our hand at keeping bees in rural central France. We work with our French bees with the same beekeeping principles as for our Welsh bees (slightly adapted for the different conditions).

For collection from our bee farm in mid-Wales or by individual arrangement:

Tubs of our delicious raw spring and summer French country honey (tubs are, high-quality, re-usable, re-sealable and food-safe). Ask us about availability of larger glass jar presentations. 

  • 5lbs French wildflower honey in a tub – £26.50 per tub (works out at £5.30 per lb of honey). This quantity of delicious honey is suitable for sharing with family, friends and/or to be savoured by honey enthusiasts. 
  • 15 lb French wildflower honey in a tub – £78.00 per tub (works out at £5.20 per lb of honey). Consider this quantity as an inspired ingredient for exclusive sweet or savoury dishes or menu items (restaurant or home-cooked delicatessen delight), special wedding favours or small-scale home bottling for celebration gifts for discerning tastes (if you manage to resist eating it all)! Good value for cooperative purchases with friends and for gifts. 
  • 30 lb of French wildflower honey in a tub – £150.00 per tub (works out at £5.00 per lb of honey).  Try your hand at introducing others to the unique subtle and individual flavours of this lovely artisan French country honey, by bottling, labelling and marketing it yourself for farmers markets, summer fetes etc., raising funds for your school or your favourite charity or to supplement supplies of your own home-produced honey. N.B. Best quality artisan-produced blossom honey retails locally in France for around 8.00 euros per 500g). French consumers value their regional produce! 

These honeys are gathered from abundant wildflower meadow flowers including masses of dandelion, clover and purple stemmed blackberries. As spring breaks, birds and bees lay claim to the generously blossoming cherry, wild and local favourite, mirabelle plum trees, apple and pear blossoms in the area. In high spring, grassy verges are streaked purple with viper’s buglos, vetches and orchid. In summer yellow broome and evening primrose spread their seeds and flowers freely. In a seasonal weft and weave, country gardens are generously carpeted with crocus, wisteria, sedum, lavender, myrtle, a selection of berries and rose. 

Predominantly warm and wet conditions favour plentiful flowering from mature lime trees (producing a light and distinctly fruity flavoured honey) and darker, wonderfully distinctive tawny honey from the sweet chestnut forests of the region in June. Ivy is a reliable late autumn near-white nectar source.  

Ask us about…

  • Other sizes of containers or quantities of wildflower honey you may be interested in – bearing in mind that the availability of our Welsh wildflower honey can fluctuate seasonally.
  • Taster tubs 180ml (roughly 1/2 lb) we can send you to try: £10.00 each delivered within the UK mainland – (50% of which redeemable against your first order of 10 lbs or more honey). 
  • Arrangements to meet you within a 50-mile radius of our bee farm for collections of larger quantity of honey: applies to honey orders of £300.00 or more (feasibility is subject to our seasonal workload).